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In the spirit of healing and wellness

All massage spa treatments are performed in a lush setting of quiet tranquility. Z-va wellness Spa is a retreat in the distinctive Willamette area of West Linn, Oregon.

Relaxation Massages

Our relaxation massage is a full body massage designed to relax major areas of stress and tension in the body. The massage includes a series of passive stretches and the application of hot packs and towels.

60 Minute Relaxation Massage / 85

90 Minute Relaxation Massage / 128

deep tissue Massages

Deep tissue massage allows work on the inner layers of muscle or tissue to pinpoint specific areas of tension, release knots, open up damaged tissue, and flush out toxins.

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage / 95

90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage / 143

pregnancy Massages

Our pregnancy pads allow women to lie face down comfortably during the massage session if they choose, but we also offer the option of side-lying. Massage can help improve sleep problems and decrease stress and anxiety that comes with pregnancy.

60 Minute Pregnancy Massage / 95

hot stone Massages

During this massage your therapist will use heated stones that help increase blood flow to the area being worked on to accelerate the healing process.

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage / 102

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage / 153

cupping Massages

Cupping Massage Is essentially the inverse of the typical massage therapy. Instead of exerting pressure on the different points of the body for healing, massage cupping uses suction to to tug the skin, tissues and muscles upwards. Cupping is know to leave busing to the surface of the skin.

60 Minute Cupping Massage / 102

90 Minute Cupping Massage / 153

medical Massages

We also offer Motor Vehicle Accident & Medical Massage

House Facials

Aromatherapy Facial  / 90

This relaxing facial includes cleansing with steam and exfoliation to brighten your skin. This is followed by a hydrating mask, moisturizer, and serum application.  *Add extractions $5 + 

back spa treatment  / 110

You can’t reach it – but we can! Perfect for treating dehydration, breakouts, and oily skin. Enjoy a soothing back and neck cleanse under steam with a deep manual exfoliation followed by extractions (as needed), a custom mask, re-balancing toner and moisturizer.  *Add extractions $5 + 

mini Facial  / 55

This relaxing facial includes cleansing with steam, followed by a hydrating mask, and moisturizer. 

Deluxe facials

When you need just a little something extra! Deluxe facials are a 60 minute facial that all come with premium products, eye and lip treatments, hand and facial massage. *Add extractions $5+ *Add microdermabrasion $35+ 

Deluxe Hydra-Firm Rejuvenating Facial / 125

For Normal, Dry, and Mature Skin 

This rejuvenating facial locks in moisture in the skin and brings out a brighter complexion. AHA acids deeply exfoliate the skin and even the skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid, Pentavitin, Ceramides, and Collagen provides long lasting hydration, helps with skin elasticity, and gives a supple and plump look to the skin. This facial will leave the skin looking vibrant and rejuvenated. 

Benefits: Evens the skin tone, Helps lift & firm the skin, Provides intense hydration 

Deluxe Organic Pure Hydrating Facial / 125

Normal, Dry, and Mature Skin 

This hydrating facial contains all natural and organic ingredients, which strengthen and hydrate skin, stimulate cell regeneration, and defends against environmental damage.  Infused with phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins, to create firmer, younger-looking skin, which radiates a healthy glow. 

Benefits: Helps prevent premature aging with natural antioxidants, Hydrates and nourishes the skin, Improves skins elasticity, leaving skin soft and rejuvenated

Deluxe Advanced Clarifying Acne Facial / 125

Normal to Oily Skin 

A deep cleansing facial to help control oil-production, clear blemishes, and prevent breakouts. Salicylic Acid exfoliates the skin, clears and heals breakouts, and minimizes pores. Pentavitin and Hyaluronic acid keep the skin hydrated without clogging the pores to prevent dry skin and flakiness. This facial will leave the skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed.

Benifits: Cleans the pores, Clears and prevents breakouts, Hydrates and clams irritated skin and Brightens.

Specialty Add-On Services

These services may be added to any facial to customize the treatment and optimize results.

High Frequency / 15

The safe and gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current has been shown to enhance circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, and eliminate toxins and acne causing bacteria.

Paraffin Hand Treatment / 10

Moisturizer is applied to the hands, followed by paraffin wax to help deep-moisturize and condition the skin on your hands, and your nails and cuticles. Treatment is administered during the mask portion of the facial. 

If this is your first wax or it has been a while, please see our waxing FAQ before booking

Brow wax / 15
Lip Wax / 15

Side Cheeks / 15
Chin / 15

Full Face / 45
Underarm / 35

Bikini / 55


60 – 90 minute salt floats available. We have 2 large salt float tanks made by Dream Pod. These are the largest float tanks available, adding to the comfort and relaxation at Z-Va Wellness Spa. 

Monthly Memberships

60 minute float monthly $40
90 minute float monthly $59

One Time Pricing

60  minutes $55
90 minutes $80

Monthly unlimited Sessions

Single User

15 min / $150
30 min / $275
45 min / $400

Household Plan

15 min / $300
30 min / $500
45 min / $700

Limit 1 session per day per person. Must pre-schedule appointments. 3 month commitment required.

Individual Sessions

15 min

1 / $15
5 / $60
10 / $115

30 min

1 / $30
5 / $115
10 / $200

45 min

1 / $45
5 / $175
10 / $300

Purchase a gift card for your loved one and give the gift of a day at the spa! 

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